Sample Paper – 2010
Class – X
Subject – SCIENCE

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Answer the following questions briefly


Q-1. Name three gaseous air pollutants.

Q-2. Which of the following are non-biodegradable?Glass bottle, paper , aluminum foil, D.D.T., wheat.

Q-3. Name (i) a viral disease of cattle (ii) a bacterial disease of cattle.

Q-4 Name two metals which are lighter than water.

Q-5 Define biological nitrogen fixing.

Q-6 Write the chemical formula of the simplest hydrocarbon.

Q-7 Name the white dwarf which is seen in the sky?

Q-8 Give two examples of colloidal solutions.

Q-9 The oxides of two elements form a very harmful smog. Name these two elements.

Q-10 What is the colour of CuSO4 ? What happens when it is heated ?

Q-11 Why is an internal combustion engine considered safe than external combustion

engine ?

Q-12 If the polar ice caps begin to recede and low-lying land begins to flood with water due to rise

in atmospheric pressure, what damage in composition of air is responsible for it?

Q-13 What are the fossil fuels? Give three examples of it.

Q-14 Is it possible for an organism to occupy position in more than one food chain? Explain.

Q-15 Expand the following abbreviations:


Q-16 The distance between the Galaxies A & B is 'x' light years, while that of between

galaxies C&D is 2x light years. In which pair will the 2 galaxies be moving away from each other at higher speed?

Q-17 Explain the terms 1) Volcano 2) Earthquake.

Q-18 Define Isomerism. Write down the structures and names of butane isomers.

Q-19 How does we have try serve as carrier of infective organisms.

Mention two ways to prevent it.

Q-20 What are communication satellites.

Q-21 Why is common salt idoised? Why is Goitre rare amongst people living in coastal areas?

Q-22 What is animal husbandry? Mention the elements of animal husbandry.

Q-23 Water is falling on the blades of a turbine at the rate of 6*103 kg per minute. The height of

the fall is 10 mts. Calculate the power delivered to the turbine (g=10 m/s2).

Q-24 Which is a better way of using cow-dung as a domestic fuel - use of cow-dung cakes or

use of cow-dung in a biogas plant? Give 3 reasons to support your answer.

Q-25 It is said that the energy from nuclear fusion would create fewer pollution problems than energy from fission. Can you reason why?

Q-26 Define a biosphere? What are the 2 main function of a biosphere.

Q-27 What is a smog? What are the two effects of smog?

Q-28 Write 4 differences between a Colloidal solution and suspension.

Q-29 Explain why zinc metal can displace copper from copper sulphate solution, but copper cannot displace zinc from zinc sulphate solution.

Q-30 List 3 advantages of adopting proper management practices for various food resource.

Q-31 Mention any five points of differences between external combustion engine and

internal combustion engine.

Q-32 Mention the characteristic of an ideal fuel.

Q-33 Explain with the help of a diagram, the behaviour of radioactive

rays in electric field.


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