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1)      How replenishment of ground water takes place ?

2)      What are the changes in Ecology, Water table & Water Cycle by afforestation ?

3)      Give the uses of forest for industrial processes ?

4)      Give the ill effects of using  fossil fuels

5)      Give the examples of wildlife sanctuaries and related animals?

6)      Name two gases,other than carbon-di-oxide, that are given out during burning of fossil fuel and contribute towards acid rain formation.   2

7)      Why  are  the  environmentalists  insisting   upon  ‘sustainable    natural   resource management? 1   

8)      What is Coliform Bacteria ?   1     

9)        What are the advantages of watershed management ?                              2     

10)  Name two factors which can be used to find where river water has been contaminated1  

11)  DDT, an insecticide used in agriculture, has been banned in many countries. Give reason, why

12)  Write four methods by which problem of waste disposal can be reduced.

13)  What does the high level of total coliform count in river Ganga indicates?

14)  How did Chipko Andolan ultimately benefit the local population? Give any three benefits?

15)  Why scarcity of water is there in our country inspite of nature’s monsoon bounty?

16)  What are renewable,non- renewable resources give examples for each.2

17)   What do you mean by Chipko Movement?2

18)  Define decomposer. What is the role of decomposer in the ecosystem? Name one of the decomposer

19)  Why wildlife is necessary 9based on Predators/Carnivores) ?

20) Loss of vegetation cover, diversion for high water demanding crops, pollution from industrial effluents and urban wastes have resulted in: (a) Non-sustainability of underground water availability (b) Unpredictable rainfall(c) Neglect of local irrigation methods (d) Frequent floods

21)  Construction of big dams, though useful still draws flak from society. Which of the following is not one of the reasons for protest against contruction of dams?

22)  What are the two types of water harvesting ? How is rain water harvested ? Why is rain water

23)  How water contamination regulated by Coliformbacteria

24)  Carefully observe the following diagram. Give a proper heading to it. Name the parts numbered as 1, 2, 3 and 4: Give any 2 advantages of labeled part no:

25)  aaaWhat is Ganga action plan?2

26)  Who are stakeholders.

27)  Define sustainable development.3

28)  What are the advantages of dam?

29)  .What are the advantages of water stored in ground?

30)  .Why coal and petroleum are called fossil fuels?

31)  .Why management of resources is necessary

32)  .Why should resources like coal and petroleum be judiciously used?

33)  .What are the harmful gases released when fossil fuels are burnt? What are
their adverse effects?

34)  What are three R's to save the environment.2

35)   What are the traditional system of water harvesting in your region  describe them briefly.3

36)   What do you mean by water harvesting.? State benefits of water harvesting.

37)  Who is water man of India? What award given to him ?

38)  Suggest some approaches towards the conservation of forests.2

39)  Why dam construction is a matter of controversy and criticism?

40)  How can you as an individual contribute or make a difference in the management of

41)  [i] Water resources [ii] forest and wild life [iii] coal and petroleum. [3]

42)  What would be the advantages of exploiting resources with short term aims? How these are different from long term prespertive  of using natural resources ?

43)  What is afforestation?

44)  Name two sources which are threats to our marine water?

45)  Name the two sources of water pollution?

46)  What are the sources of water pollution?

47)  Describe the factors responsible for pollution of river Ganga?

48)  What do you mean by the term effluents?

49)  Give the full form of the following :- (a)  IUCN (b) DDT

50)  .Why forest is called ‘biodiversity hot spots’?Who are the stakeholders of forest?.Out of the four stakeholders which one is preferred to take care of forest?

51)  Which component of sunlight is regarded as harmful to us? How is it normally prevented from reaching us? What can destroy this natural protection?

52)  What is meant by rainwater harvesting? Mention the advantage of following this practice.

53)  Why scarcity of water is there in our country inspite of nature’s monsoon bounty?

54)  What is water table? State some characteristics of drinking water.



Prepared by bhatiasir For 2011 term SA2 for PCC

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