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CARBON COMPOUND---------CRASH QUIESTIONEER SS2 2011 Prepared by bhatiasir

1)      (i)Why ethanol is used in cough syrups?(ii)What is absolute alcohol?

2)      (i)How will you prove that ethanol is acidic in nature? (ii)What is vinegar?

3)      What happens when ethanol is subjected to dehydration?

4)      By which process ethanol is obtained from molasses? Why ethanol is considered as a cleaner fuel?

5)      A student was asked to distinguish between ethanol and acetic acid. He carried out litmus test. Do you think he performed the right test? Which test will you follow to distinguish between the two?

6)      Name the homologous series of Ethanoic acid. Why Ethanoic acid is called glacial acetic acid?

7)      Both Hydrochloric acid and Ethanoic acid turn blue litmus red. What is the difference between the two compounds?

8)      What is partial oxidation explain and tell the formula of the agent used in the related reaction?

9)        Is there any reaction between ethanol and Ethanoic acid when the two are mixed together? What happens if a few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid is added to the mixture? What is the role of concentrated sulphuric acid in this reaction?

10)   Which compounds have fruity smell and are used in making perfumes and flavouring agents?

11)   Can Saponification reaction be used in the preparation of alcohols? Justify your answer.

12)   Ethanoic acid reacts with base but ethanol does not react with base. What does this reaction show?

13)   What happens when NaOH is mixed with CH3COOH? Write a balanced chemical equation to show the reaction.

14)   What are esters ? How are they formed ? Where do they occur in nature ? Write one use of esters ?

15)   An organic compound A of molecular formula C2H6O on oxidation gives an acid B with the same number of carbon atoms in the molecule as A. Compound A is often used for sterilization of skin by doctors. Name the compounds A and B. Write the chemical equation involved in the formation of B from A ?

16)   Two compounds 'A' and 'B' have the same molecular formula C4H8O2. Compound 'A' is an acid and compound 'B' has a fruity smell. Suggest (i) chemical formulae and (ii) the structural formulae of compounds A and B. Name the functional group of compound B. What name would you give to the  relationship between the compounds A and B ?

17)   What is meant by homologous series? State any four characteristics?

18)   You are given three test tubes A, B and C which contain C2H6, C2H4 and C2H2 gases separately. What test will you carry out to distinguish between them ?

19)   What happens when ethene reacts with water in presence of phosphoric acid ? Give appropriate chemical equation and name the compound so obtained. Describe the process of obtaining this compound from sugar ?

20)   Define isomerism ? Write the structural formulae of two isomers of pentane ?

21)   What is fermentation ? How is ethanol prepard by fermentation ? Give two uses of ethyl alcohol. What are the harmful effects of drinking alcohol ?

22)   The molecular formulae of two consecutive members of a homologous series are C6H14 and  C7H16 respectively. Write the molecular formulae of the members of the series having 9 and 11 atoms of carbon in their molecules ?

23)   Which of the following would yield unsaturated hydrocarbon on cracking ?

C9H16, C9H18, C9H20, C10H20 ?

24)   What is the cause of high melting point of diamond ?

25)   There are three hydrocarbons C8H18, C3H8 and CH4. Which of these would be a liquid at room temperature ?

26)   Which property of diamond makes it suitable for high precision thermometers & windows of space-craft ?

27)   Why is carboxy methyl cellulose added while making detergents?

28)   .What is denatured spirit ? (a)What is formaline ? Give their 2 uses.

29)   Which two of the following compounds could belong to the same homologous series:

      C2H6O2, C2H6O, C2H6, CH4O ?

30)   Which gas will be evolved if sodium bicarbonate is added to tartaric acid ?

31)   Fermentation of sugar solution with enzymes is being carried out in a vessel at 200 C to 300 C in the presence of air.  Which organic compound will be produced in this process?

32) Give the common name of the following compounds.(a) CH3COCH3 (b) C2H5OH (c) CH3COCH3

33) Give the IUPAC name for the following compounds.(a) CH3COCH3     (b) CH3CH2CHO            (C) CH3 – CH – CH3        Br

34)   What is meant by Functional group? What is the significance of a functional group?Wrrite the functional groups for the following compounds.

35)   What is hydrogeneation of fats. Give the chemical equations and the catalyst used?        

36)   What are addition reactions ? Give one example.

37)   (a) Why does carbon form compounds mainly by covalent bonding ?(b) Why do covalent compounds is have low melting and boiling points(c)What is catenation ?

38)   Why is  graphite good conductor of electricity ?

39)   The melting points of three hydrocarbons A, B and C of a homologous series are  – 183O C,      – 138O C and – 95.3O C respectively.  Which one would have minimum number of carbon atoms in its molecule ?

40)   What are constituents of an antifreeze ?

41)   (a) Why does carbon form compounds mainly by covalent bonding ?         

(b) List any two reasons for carbon forming a very large number of compounds.

(c) An organic acid X is a liquid which often freezes during winter time in cold countries, has the formula, C2H4O2. On warming with ethanol in the presence of a few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid, a compound Y with a sweet smell is formed.(i) Identify X and Y.(ii) Write a chemical equation for the reaction involved.

42) Write the combustion equation for the following:[Sufficient]a) Ethyl (b) Acetylene

43) Give reasons:

(i)      Carbon shows catenation property but silicon though belongs to the same group does not show catenation.

(ii)    Long chain silicon compounds are very reactive.

(iii)   Long chain carbon compounds are highly stable.

(iv)  Single bond between two carbon atoms is very strong.

(v)    Saturated compound are not reactive.

(vi)  Unsaturated compounds are very reactive.

(vii) Boiling point of pentane is greater than butane.

44) Write the Common name for the following compounds:(a) CH3 – CH2 - CH2 – Cl(b) CH3 – CH2 - CH2 – OH

45) Wrie the IUPAC Name for the following compounds:(a) CH3 – CH2 - CH2 – Cl(b) CH3 – CH2 - CH2 – OH   

46) What is the general formula of cyclo Alkane? Write the molecular formulae of the following compounds:(a) Cyclo Butane       (b) Cyclo Propane

47) Why ionic compounds exhibits high melting and boiling points?

48)   An organic compound 'A' is a constituent of antigreeze. The compound on heating with oxygen forms another compound B which has a molecular formula C2H4O2. Identify the

49)   compound A and 'A'. Write the chemical equation of the reaction that takes place to form the compound 'B' ?

50)   Distinguish between addition reactions and substitution reactions. Give an example of each?

51)   Compound 'X' is a symmetrical aliphatic  gaseous hydrocarbon ? Its empirical formula is CH2. 'X' decolorises bromine water. It forms a monochloro addition compound 'Y' with gaseous HCl. Molecular weight of 'Y' is 64.5. Identify the compounds 'X' and 'Y'. Write the equations for the reactions 'X' with bromine water and HCl gas ?

52)   An organic compound has been obtained by reacting an unsaturated hydrocarbon with water in presence of phosphoric acid. The compound was found to burn with a blue flame. Its mixture with water has a freezing point much below 0o C. Identify the compound. Write the equation of the reaction by which it was formed ?

53)   An organic compound 'X' which is sometimes used as an anti-freeze has the molecular formula C2H6O. 'X' on oxidation gives a compound 'Y' which gives effervescence with a baking soda solution. What can 'X' and 'Y' be ? Write their structural formula ?

54)   A neutral organic compound is warmed with some Ethanoic acid and a little of concentrated H2SO4. Vapours having sweet smell are evolved. What type of functional group is present in this organic compound

55)    Draw the electron dot structures for the following compounds.

    (i) Ethanoic acid                                      (ii) Propanone       (iii) Carbon dioxide

    (iv) Ethane                                                (v) Hydrogen sulphide

56)   Describe the process of making soap in the laboratory? Give the cleansing action?

57)   Give the difference of saturated and unsaturated hydrogencarbons, by definition and by experinment?

58)   Why is methane called marsh gas ? What happens when methane reacts with Cl2 ?

Prepared by bhatiasir For 2011 term SA2 for PCC   ***      ( Good Luck & learn Basics)                                     

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