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1)      What are the trophic levels? Give an example of food chain and state different trophic levels in it.

2)      Why should we conserve forests and wildlife?

3)      A cow looses a lot of weight due to starvation? Will this character be transmitted as an inherited trait? Justify. Describe the characteristics of flow of energy in an ecosystem

4)      What is meant by the term 'sustainable development'? Suggest any two ways to achieve it.

5)      Consider the food chain given below:

a.       Plants → Deer → Tiger

b.      What would happen if we kill all the deer?

6)      Give any two ways in which non-biodegradable substances would affect the environment?

7)      Will geographical isolation be a major factor in the speciation of a self-pollinating plant species? Why or why not?

8)      Study carefully the food chains given below: 

Food chain I:           grass →  grasshopper →  frog

Food chain II:          wheat →  rat →  snake →  hawk

9)      To which of the two consumers frog or hawk will more energy (percent) be available and why?

10)  What is biomagnifications? Will the levels of this magnification be different at different levels of the ecosystem?

11)  What is environment? Give its components                                                                                               

12)  Suggest four approaches towards the conservation of forests

13)  Write the three R’s to save the environment

14)  .How is ozone formed in the upper atmosphere? Why is damage to ozone layer a cause of concern to us? What causes this damage

15)  Consider the food-chain: Grass –-> Dear ––> Lion
What will happen if lions are removed from the above food chain? [2]

16)  Maximum energy is found at which trophic level? What is the status of energy at tertiary consumer level?

17)  Define a biosphere? What are the 2 main function of a biosphere.

18)  What is a smog? What are the two effects of smog?

19)  What contribution forest officer Sh,. A.K. Banerjee made in protection of environment?

20)  What are the two features of energy flow?

21)  Give an example where conserving forest and wildlife was a religious tenet. What are the two advantages of recharging ground water?

22)  Which is more environmental friendly: recycling or reusing?  What two things should we keep in mind while extracting a resource?

23)  State 3 R’s.

24)  What is biomagnifications of pesticide?

25)  What is a dam? Write two main advantages and two ill-effects of constructing a big dam. 3

26)  What is meant by exploitation of resources with short term aims? List its four advantages. 3

27)  State two problems caused by the non-biodegradable waste that we generate in our daily life. 2

28)  What is meant by sustainable management? The environmentalists are  insisting upon sustainable natural resources management”. State its four advantages. 3

29)  What is meant by renewable natural resources? 1

30)  Expand UNEP. What effort it has made to bring down CFC level?

31)  Describe the instances where human intervention saved the forest/.

32)  What are biodiversity hotspots? Who are their stakeholders?

33)  Name six traditional water harvesting systems.

34)  For which achievements “Amrita Devi Bishnoi National Award” is given?

35)  Define food chain and food web.

36)  Explain second law of thermodynamics.(l0% law)

37)  Define autotrophs, hetrotrophs.

38)  .Distinguish between biodegradable and nonbiodegradable wastes. Give example of each.Show how a biodegradable product can be used to produce energy.

39)  Which programme was started to replenish forests?

40)  Explain, the factors of ecosystem?

41)  The energy flow in a food chain only in one direction?

42)  What is trophic level? Explain various trophic levels ?

43)  Give the lindemens law or ten percent law?

44)  Give the difference of food chain and food web

45)  What are food pyramid? Give their types?

46)  How does a food chain get shortened ?

47)  What is ecological pyramid? Give their types?

48)  Give the functions of food chain?

49)  Study carefully the food chains given below :-Food chain I : grass - grasshopper - frog  2  Food chain II : wheat - rat - snake - hawk   To which of the two consumers,snake or hawk will more energy be available & why  

50)  How does the disappearance of all the fungi and bacteria affect the fish population in an aquatic ecosystem?

51)  Consider the food chain. Grass- Goat-Tiger. If energy transferred to tiger is 10 joule. How much energy is available at grass level?        

52)  Which of the following are biodegradable?

(a),Aluminium wire, Tea-leaves, Synthetic fibre, Wool.

(b), Aluminium foill,Paper, Hay;Ball pen refill, Polythene bag, Animal bones.

(c) -Animal bones,Iron nails,Plastic mugs, Leather belts.                                                                                             

53)  What will happen if decomposers are not there in the environment?

54)  What are the two features of energy flow?

55)  Give an example where conserving forest and wildlife was a religious tenet. What are the two advantages of recharging ground water?

56)  Which is more environmental friendly: recycling or reusing?  What two things should we keep in mind while extracting a resource?

57) Give any two ways in which biodegradable substances would affect the environment.

58)  What would be the advantages of exploiting resources with short-term aims?

59)  Why are some substances biodegradable and some non-biodegradable?

60)  How is ozone gas useful for our ecosystem

61)  What do you mean by biological magnification? List the substances that cause Biological Magnification.

62)  What do you mean by eutrophication?

63)  What is food chain? What forms the basis of every food chain?

64)  Name a pollutant which enters our body via food chain.

65)  Which chemical compound is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer?

66)  What is acid rain? How has acid rain affected our ecosystem?

67)  The flow of energy in the food chain is unidirectional. Comment.

68)  Name the chemical which is responsible for depletion of ozone layer?What are the ill effects of ozone layer depletion?

69)  Why plants are important components of biosphere?

70)  Which is better food chain and why?


















Prepared by bhatiasir For 2011 term SS2 for PCC

 ( Good Luck & learn Basics)  


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